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Florence Awosika

Dr. Florence Awosika

Wellness Specialist

Dr. Florence Awosika, DNP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and a Certified Diabetes Care Education Specialist (CDCES) with over twelve years' experience in advanced management of diabetes and obesity. Dr. Awosika is highly regarded among her peers and is sought by others health care providers for clinical expertise as a Wellness Expert who has in-depth knowledge of the management of diabetes mellitus and its associated complications.

Clinical Services

We provide individualized care program for diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, diabetes-related health conditions, weight management, and wellhess care. Our wellness care program focuses on preventative and proactive care.

Diabetes Care

We offer an innovative and comprehensive approach to diabetes treatment for all types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, latent autoimmune diabetes, gestational and pre-diabetes. We specialize in diabetes technologies and address diabetes-related health conditions.

Obesity Care

We are here to support your weight loss journey. We are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain weight success, while improving their lifestyle. Our unique weight management program which includes nutrition, exercise, and medication, will be personalized to fit your need.

Nutrition Care

Our evidence-based, multicultural nutrition program help treat medical conditions for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, cancers, allergic diseases, and alzheimer's disease. We provide experts nutrition consultation that is data-driven and fit our patients' needs.

Wellness Care

Our wellness clinic focuses on preventative and proactive care by providing ongoing consultation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. We work with our patients to diagnose health conditions and determine a treatment plan tailored to their needs. We provide counseling for enhancing mental health and well-being to improve quality of life