obesity care

Obesity Care

We understand obesity is a medical condition that can be very challenging to manage. It can cause other underlining health conditions if not properly managed. We offer a unique personalized weight management program that is designed to help you meet your weight loss goals. Our obesity care program consists of:
Assessment: We assess for possible underlying causes of difficultly losing weight or rapid weight gain. We then work with you to set a realistic goal and determine the right course of treatment.
Treatment:  We implement the chosen treatment of choice which includes a mixture of medication, dietary, and exercise (pharmacotherapy vs non-pharmacotherapy options) and closely monitor for gradual weight loss
Maintenance & Support: After you reach your wellness goals, we understand the challenge in maintaining goal weight. We use remote patient monitoring technologies and routinely check in with you to continuously monitor your progress. In addition, all enrolled patients of this program become eligible to join our support group.

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Innovative Wellness Programs


We help our patients learn how to take the best care of themselves to live a healthy and wealthy life. Our self-management program provides wellness education for self-care to help our patients take control of their health.

Remote Monitoring

Let us help you reduce hospital admissions and lower healthcare costs with innovative continuous monitoring technologies. Our medical providers can remotely monitor changes in patient vital signs and provide individualized care as needed.

Wellness Coaching

Our coaching program is designed to help you reach your wellness goals. We will help you strategize by asking the most important questions. We provide success tips, infographics and resources for long term success.

Support Groups

Our support group is online and provides the opportunity for members to connect and receive firsthand wellness tips for preventing and managing chronic medical conditions.